The Media Kit

There is a right form of media for each job.

Art Direction

The aspect that pulls the project together.

Story. Bullseye. Story

Keep narrowing until it’s there.

Loaded With Goodness

It should be easy for people to see.

We do great work – Here’s a bit of the most recent

Don’t just take our word for it

"You are a rock star! I can’t believe how well the video turned out."

− Annie Haas, Battelle - Smart Grid Promo

"There must be a bit of unicorn in you, because there’s magic in that video."

− Sara Addlington, MSU - E3A Promo

The Process

From the very first time we sit down to share ideas until the moment you see the finished product, I believe in finding the essence every step of the way. What is the cleanest way to cut to the point? What is the clearest way to convey the message? What style evokes the mood we need? And what are ways we can tie this in with other things you do? These are the questions I will ask with every project.

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The Results

PVF delivers beautifully crafted videos.  Consistent & high-end design unlocks your contents full potential. High attention to detail helps bring to life the important parts of your project.

By hammering down the key elements from the beginning, we can ensure you get the results you need!

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